Pillars of Introspection is a groundbreaking work written for the emerging medium of virtual music.

An immersive, interactive audiovisual experience, the piece is anchored around a self-reflective examination of power; of helplessness and agency. Intrusive thoughts and compulsive desires are given shape and form, immense billows of raw emotion and tumultuous expressions of sound and colour dance and menace - the very environment itself becoming a confronting mirror.

Yet as the balance of power may at times seem fatally tilted, and one’s relation to the world seem set, there come new opportunities for growth, empowerment and peace. Reshaping the world through curiosity, intuition and playful exploration opens a pathway to create a new, harmonious space within oneself and within the experience.

All audio, visuals and interactivity created by the composer.

- Premiered in 2019 at the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music in Bendigo, Australia